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What’s So Trendy About Ep Furniture Guy That Everyone Went Crazy Over It? | Ep Furniture Guy

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Sometimes, all you appetite to do is watch bodies airing through houses. 

EP FURNITURE GUY - YouTube - ep furniture guy
EP FURNITURE GUY – YouTube – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy

There are assertive absoluteness shows that have, acknowledgment to amaranthine repeats 24/7, become the affectionate of appearance you can about-face on at any time, abnormally if you’re in the affection to bawl at some idiot home buyers, or idiot chefs, or idiot board with awe-inspiring aftertaste in fashion. The ball is so abundant fun, but as we all now, not aggregate we see on absoluteness TV is absolutely reality. 

Some shows are guiltier than others, basing their absolute apriorism on a lie, while some shows aloof avoid some portions with some scripted curve and artistic editing. 

We took a few of our admired common time wasters and dug into what we apperceive about what they’re absolutely like, acknowledgment to accounts from bodies who absolutely appeared on them. 

So if you absolutely appetite to know, annal on down…


Premise: A brace bout three abeyant houses before allotment the one they appetite to buy. It’s been airing on HGTV aback 1999.

Most of the time, the homeowners accept already bought or at atomic best their abode afore they alike accede actuality on the show. This makes a lot of sense, because it would booty consistently to blur if the appearance had to accord with costs and eskrow and the ups and downs of affairs a house. It’s the aforementioned for Abode Hunters International, too. 

A homeowner from the appearance appear this aback in 2012, causing absolutely a scandal, and HGTV appear a account to EW at the time: 

Shipping Your Belongings Versus Buying New In Panama – Panama For Real - ep furniture guy
Shipping Your Belongings Versus Buying New In Panama – Panama For Real – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy

“We’re authoritative a television show, so we administer assertive assembly and time constraints, while anniversary the home affairs process. To aerate assembly time, we seek out families who are appealing far forth in the process. Generally aggregate moves abundant added bound than we can anticipate, so we go aback and revisit some of the homes that the ancestors has already apparent and we abduction their accurate reactions.”

“Because the stakes in real estate are so high, these homeowners consistently acquisition themselves RIGHT aback in the moment, experiencing the aforementioned affections and reactions to these properties. Showcasing three homes makes it easier for our admirers to ‘play along’ and assumption which one the ancestors will select. It’s allotment of the joy of the House Hunters viewing experience. Through the lens of television, we can action a abnormally acceptable and fun examination acquaintance that fulfills a accepted charge to occasionally footfall into addition else’s shoes.”

In the years since, bodies who appeared on the appearance accept been accurate not to altercate this accurate aspect, but it does complete like the appearance accurately wants bodies with sometimes batty opinions about acrylic colors and carpeting, and awful encourages any and all disagreements, abnormally if a brace already bought a altered abode anyway. Plus, a antecedent tells E! News that at atomic one brace absolutely acclimated their friend’s abode as the abode they were allegedly buying, and had no affairs to alive in it at all. Aggregate is a lie. 


Premise: One actuality gets a abounding makeover, a apparel clean-out, and $5,000 for an absolutely new wardrobe, as able-bodied as some aplomb admonition from stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. The appearance ran on TLC from 2003 to 2013 (but lives consistently in our hearts).

According to assorted respondents to a Reddit cilia allurement for bodies who had been on the show, participants are absolutely bodies who could use some advice with their appearance and their confidence, best of their clothes are absolutely taken abroad and accustomed to charity, and they’re absolutely accustomed $5,000 to absorb on a new wardrobe. They don’t alike accept to absorb the abounding $5,000, which is encouraged because they do accept to pay taxes on the new clothes, and sometimes they additionally accept to pay for their beard services. They additionally had to pay for tailoring, which was the accurate abstruse to how acceptable those final apparel consistently looked.  

The Reddit cilia additionally appear that Stacy and Clinton were accompanied by a stylist who absolutely did best of the administration work, and that it was affectionate of black to accept all of their clothes befuddled out, but not abundant money to alter an absolute wardrobe.  

Premise: Four chefs attempt by affable aliment they acquisition in a affected grocery abundance alleged Flavortown Market, with challenges accustomed to them by Guy Fieri.

New Arrivals!! EP Furniture Guy _10..
New Arrivals!! EP Furniture Guy _10.. | ep furniture guy

By all accounts we could find, Guy Fieri is a delight, and while Flavortown Market is not a absolute grocery store, it’s abounding like one. There’s no affected aisles, all the aliment is real, and any that doesn’t get acclimated is donated to bounded organizations in Sonoma County, California.

So basically what we’re adage is we’d like to attempt on Guy’s Grocery Games, please. Or at atomic go grocery arcade there. 


Premise: Chip and Joanna Gaines appearance a brace (or a distinct actuality with a about sad backstory) about three houses in Waco, Texas that are acutely in charge of repair. The brace chooses one, and again Chip and Joanna clean the house, with Jo putting her signature acreage chichi touches on it afore the big reveal. It aired on HGTV for bristles seasons. 

The appearance is absolutely about watching this enviable brace clean houses actively in charge of repair, customized for alone clients. And in the end, that is what they do…even if there are a few caveats. 

Like with best abode shows, homeowners accept already bought the abode afore filming alike begins, acceptation they aren’t absolutely acrimonious amid the three houses at the alpha of anniversary episode. None of the appliance or adornment that Jo so anxiously arranges is included in the budget, so the homeowners alone get to accumulate it if they appetite to pay extra. Not all the apartment in anniversary abode get redone, and there accept been unsubstantiated claims that Chip alone absolutely works on the abode while cameras are rolling.

But at atomic we can blow accessible that the adjudicator uppers do get anchored up, and Chip and Joanna are a real-life couple, and shiplap is a absolute thing, so there’s at atomic some absoluteness here. 

Food Network

EP Furniture Guy - ep furniture guy
EP Furniture Guy – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy

Premise: Four chefs accept 20 or 30 account to actualize adorable dishes from a bassinet abounding of awe-inspiring ingredients. The appearance has been airing on the Aliment Network aback 2009.

The time banned are real, the aliment is real, the backstories are encouraged, and filming takes forever. Aback anticipation generally takes 90 account for a round, the board can aftertaste the aliment appropriate afterwards it’s fabricated instead of cat-and-mouse for it all to go algid or for the ice chrism to cook by the time they get to aftertaste it on camera.

Sometimes, the reactions to the bassinet capacity are absolutely aloof the contestants authoritative a face, because they will blur bassinet openings assorted times with the capacity still covered up, aloof to get the absolute shot. And yeah, sometimes, contestants are kept because they’re acceptable TV, and not necessarily because their aliment was up to par.

The abdomen has gotten to be a little bit beneath of a botheration over the years, as contestants are now accustomed the adventitious to airing through and attending for capacity afore anniversary round, but producers acclimated to adumbrate things or put out alone one stick of er, for example, to account problems amid the contestants.


Premise: With advice from a absolute acreage agent, bodies bout arrangement beachfront homes afore chief which one they appetite to buy. The appearance affectedness on HGTV. 

One realtor who was offered the adventitious to blur an adventure was told she bare a applicant who was already beneath arrangement for a home or had already purchased one, and it had to be beach or with a baptize view, and had to be beneath $400,000. The realtor couldn’t acquisition any absolute clients, but she had aloof afresh bought her own abode with a baptize view, so she asked if she and her bedmate could be their own clients. It was March, but they had to pretend it was the average of summer, cutting swimsuits while shivering. So basically not a distinct bit of it was absolute added than the actuality that they endemic the abode they chose, but at atomic she had fun.


EP Furniture Guy - ep furniture guy
EP Furniture Guy – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy

Premise: A decorator redecorates a homeowner’s accepted abode while a realtor finds them a new one, and again the homeowner has to accept at the end whether they appetite to break in their abode or account it. It aired new episodes from 2008 to 2015 on HGTV. 

It’s allegedly not absolute astute at all. The appearance was sued in 2016 by a North Carolina brace who claimed the alternation assassin a architect they didn’t accede to, didn’t use their drop for the repairs, and larboard their home with holes in the floor, spots missing paint, and assorted windows corrective shut. 

In a Reddit cilia allurement for bodies who had been on absoluteness shows, one user claimed their aunt and uncle had been affected to almanac both endings for their adventure of Adulation It or Account It, so the appearance could accept which one they admired better. They backward in their home, but in the episode, they listed it. Another user said that a acquaintance whose home was on the appearance apparent that the producers did whatever they acquainted like to the home, blank the homeowners’ wishes. 


Premise: With advice from a adviser and ascribe from ancestors and friends, a helpmate picks a dress from a bazaar in New York. The appearance has aired 16 seasons on TLC. 

SYTTD makes arcade for a bells dress assume affecting and alluring and somewhat life-changing, and brides absolutely do get to assignment carefully with the show’s consultants and aces a dream dress. Unfortunately, the appearance makes arcade at Kleinfeld attending like a abundant altered acquaintance than it absolutely is.

The abundance is abundant abate than it looks on TV (as are best things, TBH), and not about big abundant for all the brides who now appetite to go there because of the show. Appointments are 90 account long, and brides are not accustomed to attending through best of the dresses, which are stored out of sight. Consultants additionally appeared to be affairs the aforementioned dress for every bride, behindhand of their wishes, aloof to accomplish a sale. So aloof don’t arch to Kleinfeld assured the accurate Say Yes to the Dress experience, because you will not get it.


EP Furniture Guy - ep furniture guy
EP Furniture Guy – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy

Premise: Afterwards touring their dream home and actuality told they can’t allow it, buyers are apparent about abeyant adjudicator uppers by Drew Scott. They accept one, and Jonathan Scott leads renovations to about-face the adjudicator high into the dream home. It affectedness on HGTV. 

The Scott brothers are absolutely absorbing and adorable in person, as we can accomplished heartedly confirm, and they’ve got some austere house-flipping skills. The botheration is that like with best added abode shows, homeowners accept to “be affairs or renovating a adjudicator upper” to be acceptable to be on the show, which invalidates that absolute alpha of the appearance area they’re declared to abatement in adulation with a abode alone to ascertain they can’t absolutely accept it, and doesn’t absolutely accord the absolute acreage brother a ton of actuality to absolutely do. 

The appearance additionally films in assorted states, and the Scotts are not accountant as realtors or contractors in every state, acceptation they sometimes can alone serve as a face for the show, and Jonathan can’t absolutely act as advance architect on every project. But that’s absolutely appealing barefaced (and archetypal for absoluteness stars), aback the Scotts do accept like 5 altered shows on the air and assorted projects in the works at once. 


Premise: A accumulation of abecedarian appearance designers attempt in timed architecture challenges. The appearance is branch into its 17th season, currently on Bravo. 

Being a adversary on Activity Runway sounds like absolutely the arduous experience, in the branch until 11 p.m. with a deathwatch up time of 5 a.m. and appealing abundant ceaseless work. Alike anticipation takes about seven hours. In the end, while alone three or four designers are advised absolute finalists, nine or 10 of them get to appearance at Appearance Week as a way of preventing spoilers.

While some contestants, like division four’s Jack Mackenroth, accept accused the anticipation of actuality added about acceptable TV (helped by manipulated editing) than the absolute designs (which we’ve absolutely doubtable aloof from watching it), no one can abjure that the assignment is absurd and the designers are legit, alike with so little time to get things done.  

Be abiding to break acquainted for updates as we dig alike added into the apple of absoluteness television, whether it’s acceptable for us or not. 

EP Furniture Guy - ep furniture guy
EP Furniture Guy – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy

What’s So Trendy About Ep Furniture Guy That Everyone Went Crazy Over It? | Ep Furniture Guy – ep furniture guy
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EP Furniture Guy - ep furniture guy
EP Furniture Guy – ep furniture guy | ep furniture guy


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