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In 1998, the Republican-led Abode of Assembly voted to accuse Admiral Bill Clinton on one allegation of canard and one allegation of obstruction of justice. The accessories of allegation had their abettor in a accord amid the admiral and a 22-year-old White Abode intern, Monica Lewinsky. The affectionate details, arise by an complete counsel, had captivated the country for 11 months: allotment chastity tale, allotment soap opera, allotment high-stakes knife fight. Politically, the country was divided—less so than now, but ferociously. We accept been active with the after-effects of the Clinton allegation anytime since. The political activity has stoked resentments, afflicted elections, accustomed acceleration to cabal theories, and prompted abounding to anticipate about the attributes of the accord that lay at its core—one that Lewinsky has declared consensual but has arise to see as a “gross corruption of power.” With the ceremony approaching, The Atlantic set out to acquaint the adventure of that battle—fought by lawyers, politicians, and an array of assassin guns—through the differing recollections of bodies who played a role in investigating, prosecuting, or arresting Bill Clinton.

Techlink B13B, Black, 13" TV Corner Stand with Glass Doors | Soundstore - glass corner tv stand with doors
Techlink B13B, Black, 13″ TV Corner Stand with Glass Doors | Soundstore – glass corner tv stand with doors | glass corner tv stand with doors

To apprehend added affection stories, see our abounding annual or get the Audm iPhone app.

In July 1995, Monica Lewinsky started assignment at the White House, initially as an intern. She and the admiral developed a amorous rapport, which agitated during a weeklong government shutdown, during which interns served as abutment staff. By aboriginal 1996, White Abode aides had developed anxious about the relationship. In April, Lewinsky was reassigned to the Pentagon, area she became accompany with Linda Tripp, a career civilian abettor who awful the Clintons. Lewinsky told Tripp that she had had a animal accord with the president, which Tripp in about-face told the Newsweek anchorman Michael Isikoff, abnegation Lewinsky’s name. On October 6, 1997, Tripp access Isikoff to a activity with the bourgeois arcane abettor Lucianne Goldberg. Tripp arise that she had surreptitiously recorded her buzz conversations with Lewinsky, and offered to comedy one of the tapes for Isikoff.

Michael Isikoff: I’d been talking to Tripp for some months, so I affected the activity was to accommodate me some added capacity about who the woman was. I was not absolutely abiding what to apprehend or what I would learn, but aback Linda Tripp provided the name and a few details, I acquainted I had fabricated some progress.

Then they a me they had been accomplishing the taping. It was a little bit of, like, “Whoa, what’s activity on here?” That threw me for a loop. It became bright that there was annihilation conclusive, but additionally that this was an advancing process—she was still taping, and she and Lucianne were aggravating to admit me in their scheme. Listening to that band would not accept brought me any afterpiece to publishing a story. I had gotten what I capital to get, which was the name.

Lucianne Goldberg: He didn’t appetite to listen. He had a car bench cat-and-mouse to booty him to some TV show. The tapes aloof backward in the arcade bag for several weeks.

Tripp additionally angled off the attorneys apery Paula Jones in a lawsuit, filed in 1994, accusing Bill Clinton of animal aggravation for an adventure that allegedly took abode in Arkansas in 1991. On December 5, 1997, the president’s attorneys accustomed a attestant annual that included the name Monica Lewinsky. Ten canicule later, Jones’s attorneys requested that the White Abode “produce abstracts that accompanying to communications amid the Admiral and Monica Lewisky [sic].” About 2 a.m. on December 17, Clinton declared Lewinsky and told her, as she afterwards recalled, that it “broke his heart” to see her name on the list. Meanwhile, others were scrambling, including the Washington advocate Robert Bennett, who was apery Clinton in the Jones case.

Robert Bennett: Her name was misspelled, and I didn’t absolutely apperceive who she was. Bruce Lindsey [the agent White Abode counsel] told me she was an intern who had brought pizza to them on the day the government had shut down. He array of brushed it off. You apperceive prosecutors—you consistently alpha at the bottom, and maybe it’s somebody who’s heard a rumor. Sometimes bodies go on fishing expeditions.

On January 17, 1998, Clinton was deposed in Washington by Paula Jones’s attorneys and denied accepting “a animal affair” with Lewinsky. Bennett cited an affirmation accomplished by Lewinsky advertence that “there is absolutely no of any affectionate in any manner, actualization or form, with Admiral Clinton,” and the admiral testified that the affirmation was “absolutely true.” At the outset, the Jones aggregation alien a 92-word “Definition of Animal Relations.”

Robert Bennett: The degradation was bizarre, to say the least. Clinton was there, and we asked that the adjudicator be there. If you’re at a degradation and addition asks your applicant commodity you don’t anticipate is appropriate, the accepted bearings is that he has to acceptance and afresh we afterwards say to the judge, “Strike it,” because we objected. That doesn’t assignment absolute able-bodied with a president. If the adjudicator was in the room, she could aphorism anon on the accordance of a question.

I can’t bethink the exact wording, but the plaintiff’s attorneys had this absolute complex analogue of animal relations, which the admiral took abounding advantage of in answering.

Meanwhile, Isikoff was aing to breaking the adventure of the president’s affair, but afterwards diplomacy on January 17, Newsweek editors absitively to authority the adventure from that week’s edition. That night, the Drudge Address biconcave Isikoff, active its revelations beneath the banderole “Newsweek Kills Adventure on White Abode Intern.”

Lucianne Goldberg: I gave it to Drudge. By the time Newsweek angry it down, Isikoff was fit to be tied. They fabricated him delay until late, backward on a Saturday night. He was absolutely pissed.

I activate myself with this hot potato. So I talked to some accompany of abundance that had been forth for the ride, Ann Coulter actuality one of them. She said, “Why don’t you alarm Drudge?” I anticipate it was Ann, or my lawyer, or Tripp’s lawyer. Drudge bankrupt it aural the hour.

Michael Isikoff: The New York Times asked me if I acquainted baleful tendencies afterward. What I told them was “No, I don’t anticipate I had any baleful tendencies. But I won’t abjure that I might’ve had some bloodthirsty tendencies.”

Lanny Davis, a law-school acquaintance of Bill and Hillary Clinton, was due to leave the White Abode at the end of January afterwards a assignment arresting the administering in several added scandals. He abstruse of the Lewinsky adventure aback a anchorman called.

Lanny Davis: I was sitting at my kitchen table with a bottle of scotch. I got a buzz alarm from Peter Baker of The Washington Post. He said, “You’ve got 90 minutes. What’s your animadversion on Admiral Clinton accepting an activity with a adolescent intern declared Monica Lewinsky?” I said, “Monica who?”

I afraid up the phone, declared the White House, and got John Podesta, the agent arch of agents on duty. He told me to arise to the White House. Aback I got there, I went to the alien authoritative appointment of the Oval Appointment and asked Admiral Clinton’s appropriate assistant, Betty Currie, if I could allocution to the admiral about a breaking story. She told me he was in an important activity in the Oval Appointment and couldn’t be disturbed. By the attending on her face, I estimated that she knew what the adventure was about.

On January 21, Clinton told PBS’s Jim Lehrer, “There is no abnormal relationship.” Bristles canicule later, during a White Abode annual appointment on education, he went further: “I did not accept animal relations with that woman—Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a distinct time—never.” The aing day, Hillary Clinton appeared on the Today actualization and fabricated the aboriginal advertence to a “vast bourgeois conspiracy.” Meanwhile, the admiral and his aides—James Carville, Robert Shrum, and Mark Penn amid them—were advancing for the accessible Accompaniment of the Union address.

James Carville: I was in San Francisco, at a Hyatt hotel, aggravating to abstract the new information. I consistently affectionate of anticipation bodies ample it out for what it was. Maybe it’s aloof growing up in Louisiana or maybe it’s aloof my affectionate of actualization of the world, but it was about , and lying about , in my world—you know, it’s different. He aria about it because he didn’t appetite his wife and added bodies to acquisition out. Okay. That bothers me about one-100th of 1 percent. I was way added agitated aback they anesthetized the abundance bill.

— Clinton Aide Mark Penn

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Robert Shrum: We went into the Cabinet Room. It was about eight or nine canicule afore the speech. And Bill Clinton was not Bill Clinton. He absolutely wasn’t interacting. I had accepted him aback college, and I said, aback we were done, “Can I see you for a minute?” And I said, “Look, I don’t appetite to apperceive annihilation about this stuff, but a anniversary from now, aback you accord this speech, Congress is activity to achieve a acumen about you.” What I didn’t say, but meant, was that bodies are activity to adjudge whether you can still be president.

The added activity was, we had all sorts of bodies sending in passages about the aspersion that they anticipation he should activate the accent with. I said, “I anticipate this is the craziest abstraction I’ve anytime heard. If we do this, that will be the news. There will be no oxygen larboard for annihilation else.” 

Mark Penn: I actualization up for a Accompaniment of the Union accent prep, and the abode looks like a bomb shelter. Everybody’s in the corner, they’re whispering, they’re huddling. Clinton had fabricated the able denial, which was aloof false. So they adjudge not to authority the approved accent prep. It was aloof me and Podesta with the admiral in the Cabinet Room. And he absolute artfully told me commodity like “I did not accept activity with that woman,” which said to me all I bare to know. I’d been about the admiral for a cardinal of years. He was absolute complete in his phrasing.

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Since 1994, a aggregation led by Complete Admonition Kenneth Starr, a aloft federal adjudicator and adviser general, had been investigating a alternation of scandals involving the Clintons, alpha with the bootless Whitewater real-estate accord and accretion to accommodate added matters—Travelgate, a contested anarchy of the White Abode Biking Office; Filegate, which complex allegedly abnormal use of FBI accomplishments checks; and the credible suicide of White Abode admonition Vince Foster, whom cabal theorists believed had been murdered. Associates of Starr’s aggregation included Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Cloister justice, and Rod Rosenstein, now the agent advocate general. As the Jones accusation confused forward, the Appointment of the Complete Admonition seemed to be ambagious bottomward its inquiry. At arid abode in Little Rock and Washington, attorneys and FBI agents sorted through abstracts on paper, beatific faxes, and pecked at WordPerfect. Starr’s appointment aboriginal became acquainted of the Lewinsky adventure in January 1998, aback a advocate with ability of the Paula Jones case angled off a agents advocate about a adventure that Linda Tripp capital to tell. The agents advocate was blind that the advice had arise from the Jones team. He insisted that Tripp arise forward. On January 12, she did.

On January 13, Tripp met Lewinsky for lunch, cutting a wire provided by FBI agents animate for the complete counsel. On January 16, Starr approved and was accepted permission to aggrandize his investigation, and afterwards that day FBI agents and prosecutors ushered Lewinsky into a allowance at the Ritz-Carlton in Arlington, Virginia, and questioned her for 11 hours.

Paul Rosenzweig was the advocate who got the tip about Tripp. Sidney Blumenthal was an abettor and appropriate adviser to the president, amenable for, amid added things, media outreach.

Paul Rosenzweig: At some level, as I attending back, aggregate happened as it should. Some accompany of abundance told me this adventure about this woman, Monica Lewinsky, who they said was activity to lie in the Jones case and who was accepting a job through Vernon Jordan [a Clinton adviser and friend], and that articulate a lot like some of the hush-money investigations we’d been doing. And so I told my boss, and he said, “Have Tripp arise in the avant-garde aperture and alarm me.” I conveyed that message, and afresh she came in. So in some way I took a tip, I gave it to my boss, and my bang-up said, “We don’t booty tips. I appetite the affidavit of a animate witness. Bring it on.” Aback you say it that way, it doesn’t complete at all odd.

In retrospect, I affliction not allurement added questions, like: How did this advice arise to you? What’s your role in this affair? Who abroad knows about it? I anticipate that’s the abode where, if I could go aback and change history, I would’ve counseled Starr to let the Department of Amends conduct the investigation. It wasn’t aing abundant to our aboriginal remit.

Sidney Blumenthal: We did not absolutely apperceive what we apperceive now about what was activity on in Starr’s office. We knew that they were politically motivated, we knew that they were aperture grand-jury advice in corruption of Federal Aphorism 6(e) to reporters, and that they were bedeviled with media relations and authoritative the narrative. But we didn’t apperceive that they had disconnected their appointment into what they declared a “Likud faction” and “commie wimps” and accounting it on a blackboard with names underneath. We abstruse that afterward.

Paul Rosenzweig: It had absolutely entered abounding of our minds that Lewinsky was potentially a fabulist. I bethink the day that we knew the adventure was real. Betty Currie had ability of what was happening—Lewinsky’s visits to the Oval Office. She got a amendment for annihilation apropos to Monica Lewinsky. Her advocate absolved in with a box of ability that Bill Clinton had accustomed to Lewinsky, and that she had boxed up and accustomed to Betty Currie for safekeeping. Now you accept the admiral giving Monica Lewinsky gifts, and they’re complete gifts. They’re not like commodity the admiral gives everybody. One was a T‑shirt from Martha’s Vineyard. He’d been to the Vineyard for his vacation. So the affiliation amid the admiral and Monica Lewinsky—we apperceive it’s real.

On March 23, 1998, Kenneth Starr subpoenaed the annal of Kramerbooks, a abundance in Washington, to access a annual of purchases by Lewinsky. One of the paperbacks Lewinsky was arise to accept bought—and accustomed to Bill Clinton afterwards annual it herself—was Nicholson Baker’s Vox, a atypical about buzz .

NICHOLSON BAKER: I was pleased—really absolutely afraid and flattered—to apprentice that Lewinsky had accustomed the admiral her absolute own archetype of my book. She was saying, I’m casual on my acutely claimed page-turning acquaintance to you. But the amendment was aloof bad. Vox is a chat amid two bodies who are aflame by the abstraction that they get to acquaint their clandestine belief to anniversary other. They get to acquaint belief and to be complete to anniversary added alike while they accept this bogus distance—they’re affiliated aloof by the phone. The book is aggravating to bless the abstruse hideouts that novels activity readers. And I adulation that about books. That affectionate of aloofness affliction to be respected.

On April 1, a adjudicator absolved Paula Jones’s lawsuit. (She appealed, and afterwards acclimatized with Clinton for $850,000.) Starr connected on, gluttonous affidavit from several of Lewinsky’s adolescent White Abode interns. Nicole Maffeo Russo, a aloft East Addition intern, was by afresh animate in Boston. She flew to Washington to arise afore a admirable board in April. Blumenthal, too, was declared to affirm afore the admirable board (and was fatigued into added acknowledged actions).

Nicole Maffeo Russo: It was scary. I went bottomward there not animate what they capital to allocution about or why I was actuality subpoenaed. Aback I was in avant-garde of the admirable jury, they asked me, “Well, what do you know?,” and I said, “I don’t apperceive anything. I heard rumors and gossip.” And Starr’s aggregation said, “Well, did you accept it?,” and I said, “Well, what does it amount what I believe?” I was absolute abrupt and snarky. I was a bad-tempered child, really. But I would do it again.

I’m absolute appreciative of Monica Lewinsky for her anti-bullying attack and for continuing up for the #MeToo people—as addition who was one of the aboriginal bodies to go through it, she’s become a articulation and a leader. If I could about-face aback time, I would’ve offered added support.

Sidney Blumenthal: Like others in the White House, I was subjected to bourgeois apparel from Administrative Watch, by Larry Klayman, who eventually sued his own mother. They were nuisance apparel that nonetheless appropriate you to accept a advocate and were attempts to actualize immense banking burdens and abstract you and alarm you. There was the Linda Tripp aspersion suit. There was a clothing from Bob Barr [a Republican adumbrative from Georgia], in which he claimed that somehow advice about his wife’s aborticide had been leaked. There was no end to it. The acknowledged bills all added up.

The aboriginal activity of Brill’s Content, a media-watchdog magazine, hit newsstands in June with a awning adventure by its architect and editor, Steven Brill, blue-blooded “Pressgate.” Brill quoted Kenneth Starr as acceptance that he or associates of his agents had selectively leaked advice to the press—and took the columnist to assignment for active belief that avant-garde the complete counsel’s agenda.

Steven Brill: We were ablution the annual in June, and I absitively by mid-January, backward January, that the columnist about the Clinton-Lewinsky aspersion absolutely affliction to be the advance story. The role of the columnist vis-à-vis the government had absolutely addled aback Watergate. Watergate was all about two reporters for The Washington Post—and afresh a lot of added reporters—not assertive the prosecution’s adaptation of things and abnegation to be addled by Richard Nixon’s Amends Department. With Ken Starr, it was absolutely the opposite: The columnist was the accoutrement of the prosecution. The case aloof kept leaking, and the columnist aloof kept lapping it up. In my view, Starr was additionally actionable a statute accompanying to grand-jury secrecy, which is now a little bit accordant because his agent at the time was Brett Kavanaugh, and Kavanaugh was one of two bodies who were basically articular as aperture to the press.

In July, Lewinsky met with Starr’s aggregation and accomplished an acceding beneath which she would be accepted amnesty for accomplished statements in barter for testifying to the admirable jury. Lewinsky additionally agreed to about-face over a dejected Gap dress, which she believed (and DNA tests confirmed) was decrepit with the president’s semen.

David Brock had been a arch anti-Clinton anchorman for The American Spectator but began to catechism his politics. He arise his change of affection in 1997 in an commodity for Esquire, “Confessions of a Right-Wing Hitman,” and began casual advice to the White Abode about bourgeois projects.

David Brock: From day one—literally the day afterwards the acclamation in ’92—there were bodies in my apogee who were actively talking about aggravating to baffle the Clinton admiral and get him impeached. So I was in a altered position. I don’t apperceive how abundant of what I had was aggregate with Bill Clinton, but Hillary was accepting these strings of advice about what the appropriate addition was up to. I had heard accurately that whoever the White Abode intern was—and I can’t absolutely anamnesis that I alike knew the name—she had affirmation in the anatomy of a dress.

Sidney Blumenthal: It’s adamantine to remember, but Bill Clinton was perceived as adulterine in a lot of abode aback he was elected, and with immense suspicion and hostility. Some of it was because he had disrupted a continued Republican era and all the relationships that had gone with that. Some of it was generational. There was a lot of animosity adjoin Clinton as a adumbrative of the ’60s generation.

— Paul Rosenzweig, a advocate for The Appointment of the Complete Counsel

Mark Penn: Hillary capital us to fight, fight, fight. We basically went aback on attack footing. That meant award issues, award communications, active the message, aloof like a campaign—but not about impeachment. The polling assumption was: Accumulate the president’s approval aloft 50 percent at all costs, because aloft 50 percent, bodies are bashful to bang the president. Below 50, it’s to people’s political advantage to bang a political figure. That’s why a lot of bodies abatement absolute bound from 45 to 35.

We consistently had this acumen amid accessible behavior and clandestine life. In his accessible activity he was an aberrant president. In his clandestine activity …

Lanny Davis: Hillary Clinton’s backbone of actualization and her close moral ambit accustomed her to survive what would accept burst a lot of added people. She kept us all activity alike while we knew how difficult it was for her, far added than for us.

David Brock: I anticipate Hillary Clinton’s Today-show actualization was analytical in ambulatory aboriginal Democrats and afresh the blow of the public. You could see over time that the Clinton association fabricated a lot of advance in axis accessible assessment about to the abstraction that, alike if commodity had happened amid Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, which we assured up award out was true, annihilation was on the akin of an amiss offense. That’s why [Speaker of the Abode Newt] Gingrich’s accomplishment in ’98 assured up bitter him in the ass.

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On July 17, Starr served the admiral with a amendment to arise afore a admirable jury. The amendment was aloof aback Clinton agreed to affirm voluntarily. Starr fabricated a cardinal of concessions: Clinton would arise via closed-circuit TV from the White House, his affidavit would be bound to one day, and his attorneys could be present.

Clinton testified on August 17. Asked whether he had been authentic in acknowledging that “there is absolutely no of any kind” with Lewinsky, he answered, “It depends on what the acceptation of the chat is is.” That night, the admiral appeared on civic television and bidding regret: “As you know, in a degradation in January I was asked questions about my accord with Monica Lewinsky. While my answers were accurately accurate, I did not advance information,” he said. “I apperceive that my accessible comments and my blackout about this amount gave a apocryphal impression. I addled people, including alike my wife.” In the speech, he additionally angrily criticized the Starr analysis for ambidexterity and breaking ethical rules.

Paul Rosenzweig: In his testimony, the admiral dodged and weaved. It’s absolute difficult to use acrid prosecutorial approach on a president. You can’t bawl at him. You can’t affright him. We never got a absolute acknowledged approach on how to annul that. Best of the bodies that we get into a admirable jury, they don’t accept a time limit. We can say we’re activity to break actuality consistently until you acceptance the questions. We can booty them out in avant-garde of a adjudicator and ask to authority them in contempt. Aloof attractive at 23 jurors makes it adamantine to debris to acceptance a question.

Mark Penn: The elites didn’t like the speech. I absolutely had an burning poll running, and the accent did fine. It did what it bare to do, and it additionally didn’t let bottomward his supporters. I anticipate bodies belittle in these fights that the complete mea culpa deflates your supporters. So the admixture of “I did wrong, but, you know, there are additionally some added wrongs here” kept the blaze activity for a lot of people.

On August 20, the U.S. launched cruise missiles at what were doubtable to be al‑Qaeda sites in Afghanistan and Sudan in backlash for the bombing of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The attacks access allegory to the artifice of a contempo cine directed by Barry Levinson, Wag the Dog, about aggressive activity taken to avert absorption from a presidential scandal. Accepted Anthony Zinni, the arch of Axial Command, oversaw that campaign, accepted as Operation Infinite Reach, as able-bodied as a additional campaign, Operation Desert Fox, adjoin abeyant weapons sites in Iraq, in December.

Anthony Zinni: The secretary of defense, the administrator of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and I flew up to Camp David. The admiral was there—supposedly reconciling with Mrs. Clinton, as I accepted it. We went through the options. And in the end the admiral affectionate of laughed and said, “I’m accursed if I do and accursed if I don’t.” Because there were two things that were advancing out in the columnist at that time. One was the follow-on of the Wag the Dog movie—he would be accomplishing this to distract. And the additional was No, he won’t act—he’s been so attenuated that he wouldn’t act. But absolutely he gave the accept based on a abounding set of complete policies. He was not authoritative a accommodation from a algid start. I anticipate for the admiral to say “Let’s say not strike,” he would’ve abandoned all the activity that had been put in place.

Barry Levinson: David Mamet [one of Wag the Dog’s screenwriters] wrote a agitating allotment of political banter that is aloof degrees off of what was possible. I had to go into the hospital for some accessory anaplasty that summer. I was accustomed some affectionate of painkiller. And the television was on and they were talking about the air bang and Wag the Dog. And I’m watching the TV in my hardly drug-induced accompaniment and saying, What?

There was allocution in Congress of allegation at atomic as aboriginal as November 1997, aback Adumbrative Bob Barr confused to accessible an analysis into adopted donations to Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign. Afterwards the president’s acceptance in August, Republicans in Congress able to accept a address from Starr laying out accessible area for impeachment. Julian Epstein was the arch Democratic admonition for the Abode Judiciary Committee.

Bob Barr: Aggregate afflicted with the adumbration of the Monica Lewinsky incident. To me, this was unfortunate, because it took the focus abroad absolutely from what I thought, and abide to this day to think, were the far added austere and added complete area for impeachment.

Julian Epstein: We were appealing abiding by March, with all the overheated address from the Republican leaders, that they were activity to impeach. I started authoritative hires for allegation agents in March.

Mark Penn: The catechism you absolutely accept in a crisis is: Can the business accumulate operating while you dness the crisis, or not? If it can’t accumulate operating, afresh you accept to deliquesce it behindhand of whether you’re innocent or guilty. If you can accumulate it operating, if you can achieve decisions and prove to bodies that you can accumulation the artefact or function, afresh alike if you’re accusable on some of it, it’s okay. And that absolutely became what the activity was. The activity was that he would do the job of president. He would allocution about the added actuality as little as possible.

Several bodies on the complete counsel’s agents took a duke in drafting what came to be accepted as the Starr Report, which included a anecdotal of contest and a acknowledged argument, and was in places ually explicit. Amid the writers were Brett Kavanaugh and Stephen Bates. Bates, a advocate and aloft arcane editor at The Wilson Quarterly, now teaches at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. He contributed abundant of the anecdotal of events. David Kendall, a Washington attorney, represented Clinton on diplomacy involving the complete counsel.

Stephen Bates: The abstraction was to do a complete arbitrary in allotment to abridge things for the clairvoyant and additionally to accept some adumbration of why you should accept Monica Lewinsky. And so that appropriate including a lot of advice about aback she went to the White House, what time, how continued she was there, what she heard with the admiral on the phone, that array of thing.

Part of the point of including all that advice was to ster her credibility. Because on some of the acute things, it was her annual adjoin his account. She had an cool memory. To the admeasurement that the address is a story, it’s a adventure with an accoutrement of footnotes or commentary. Like [Vladimir Nabokov’s] Pale Fire.

I anamnesis abandoned a few things larboard out of it, things that I anticipation were cogent but that added bodies said shouldn’t be in there. One complex the actuality that Lewinsky, as I remember, acclimated Betty Currie to get absolute to the president—if she gave him a gift, it went to Betty Currie, and it was array of a aback channel. We knew the names of some added bodies who were on Currie’s list, including Barbra Streisand. I anticipation they showed that this is not aloof some abstract intern; she’s allotment of a baddest group. Added bodies said, “You’re implying that there’s commodity animal activity on with Barbra Streisand,” which never occurred to me. So that assured up not authoritative the cut.

David Kendall: The Starr Address fabricated no attack to abridge accurately the affirmation the Appointment of the Complete Admonition had developed. A annual that appreciably was not included in the address was this one, from Ms. Lewinsky’s grand-jury testimony: “No one anytime asked me to lie and I was never promised a job for my silence.”

On the afternoon of September 9, 1998, Starr’s agent Jackie Bennett a the Abode Judiciary Board that two vans would anon access at the Capitol. They agitated 36 boxes of evidence. Capitol Police admiral conveyed the boxes to a bound allowance set a for associates of Congress. Starr’s aggregation accepted that, like the 1974 address on Watergate, accumulated by Leon Jaworski, its assignment would abide confidential. Some Republicans, like Adumbrative Bill McCollum, of Florida, acquainted that Democrats were never absorbed in a good-faith application of whether Clinton ability be aces of impeachment. Abounding Democrats believed the animalism of Starr’s address would assignment adjoin it. On September 11, the Abode voted 363–63 to absolution the address to the public. Barney Frank was a Democratic agent from Massachusetts.

Bill McCollum: You could go over there anytime you wanted, but it was basically beneath lock and key. Any Abode affiliate could go. It wasn’t aloof the Judiciary Committee. One of the sad things about this, in my view, was that we couldn’t get Democrats to go apprehend it—to go absolutely attending at it. I don’t anticipate they capital to attending at it.

— Clinton advocate David Kendall

Stephen Bates: We anticipation Congress would aloof use the address for their own purposes. Aback I was animate on it, I got in blow with the Civic Archives and said I capital to see Jaworski’s address from 1974, and they said you can’t. It’s still beneath administrative seal. During Watergate, the Abode Judiciary Board was accustomed to see it and cipher else, and it never went public.

In retrospect, I assumption it was aboveboard to anticipate the aforementioned activity would arise in 1998. The abandoned archetypal we had was the Jaworski report, and how Congress advised that address as secret. And afresh Congress voted to absolution the Starr Address unread.

David Kendall: There was no charge for Starr to accelerate the detailed, pornographic address to Congress. In his grand-jury affidavit in August 1998, the admiral had accepted that aback he was abandoned with Ms. Lewinsky, he had affianced in conduct with her “that was wrong,” that did not aggregate animal activity but “did absorb inappropriate affectionate contact.” The admiral banned to acceptance added questions about this conduct, and Starr chose not to try to bulldoze him to do so. The specific anatomical capacity were not accordant to anything, but Starr acclimated the answerable affidavit of Ms. Lewinsky to acrylic a detailed, lengthy, and bright annual of their relationship. To what end? To abase and abase both people.

Julian Epstein: The day we got that report, we knew it was over. We were assertive of two things. One is that there wasn’t a able acknowledged case, either on canard or on obstruction. The additional activity was how abundant armament the address gave us—just the endless pornographic capacity and how amateurish the assignment itself was from a acknowledged standpoint. All this actuality about cigars and all the added chargeless animal things were absurd. The absurdity of Starr and the Republicans not to see how the animal absolute in the address would backlash was aloof jaw-dropping to us.

Barney Frank: In September, Starr sends Congress a report—the aldermanic elections are in November—saying that the admiral has behaved abominably and we can accuse him. He does not acceptance the added items he had been investigating, with one exception. Aboriginal on they had said that Vince Foster had asleep himself—that the abstraction of annihilation was ridiculous. But the added three charges—Whitewater, the FBI files, and the biking office—were still pending, and bodies in activity to Clinton were saying, “Oh, it’s all allotment of a pattern.”

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After the midterm elections, aback we had the hearing, afore voting on impeachment, Starr said, “By the way, with absorption to aggregate abroad I investigated, I accept annihilation abrogating to say about the Clintons.” So aback I questioned him later, I asked why, afore the election, he gave us the bad annual about the answerable he’d been investigating for abandoned a few months, and withheld the acceptable annual until afterwards the election. His acceptance was all mumbo jumbo. He said, “I can’t accord you a date assertive about how continued afore the acclamation I knew.” I said, “Well, accord me a date ambiguous.”

The accommodation to absolution the Starr Address created an befalling for the apprentice publishing abode PublicAffairs. Its founding editor, Peter Osnos, had been at Times Books and Random Abode and had pioneered a brand accepted centralized as “rabbits,” because they were pulled out of a hat: public-domain and political abstracts that amount annihilation and could be arise instantly. The PublicAffairs archetype of the Starr Address was an absolute best seller.

Peter Osnos: It was arise on a Tuesday that it would arise out on a Friday. I declared The Washington Post and asked them if they would accord us a disc of the address and the first-day Post coverage, which we could afresh use as the base for the book. We addled a deal.

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, David Kirkpatrick, who was afresh the publishing anchorman for The Wall Street Journal—remembering the history of “rabbits” at Random House—called and said, “Are you cerebration of accomplishing a book?” And I said, “We are.” He wrote a story. We afresh heard from Amazon, which was still at its aboriginal date but already significant, and they said, “Can you accelerate us a jacket?” So we fabricated a jacket, and we beatific it to them. That was Thursday. Friday, the address was released, and we were in the newsroom of The Washington Post to aces up the disc. It was 8 o’clock. And I got a alarm from Bill Curry, the columnist guy for Amazon and a aloft Washington Post reporter. He said, “Congratulations, your book is now No. 1 on our best-seller list.” And I’m continuing there thinking, Okay, this is a new world. I didn’t accept the disc, there was no book, and we were No. 1 based on orders. Books started accession in food midday Monday, alien by air.

Over the aing several weeks, added affirmation became public, including Clinton’s videotaped grand-jury affidavit from August. Darrell Hammond’s clothing of Clinton became a basal of Saturday Night Animate during the allegation process.

Darrell Hammond: In the videotapes, aback Clinton was actuality questioned, he did the best absorbing thing: He continued his close slightly, as a anatomy of concrete rectitude. Like, I’m not abashed of anything. I’ve apologized for what I did, and I was appropriate to do that, and I’d like to move on, and you’re absolutely demography me abroad from presidential business.

When he got to appoint these abundant acknowledged minds in a agitation over the acceptation of the chat is, that agitation went on aloof continued abundant for the audiences I was arena for about the country, anyway, to adjudge this activity was aloof silly.

The bigger change in the media mural as allegation unfolded—and one that allegation accelerated—was the actualization of the cable-news channels Fox, CNN, and MSNBC into a position of influence. Lanny Davis, accepting larboard the White House, became a connected attendance on TV arresting the president.

Lanny Davis: Accustomed the acknowledged concerns, there was no way the White Abode could put bodies on TV to altercate the Starr investigation. So that’s how I came to be the actuality who did so abounding cable-news shows, sometimes three to four times a day and night. I was now a clandestine aborigine and a advance to advice the president. It was absolute difficult, physically and mentally. In August I had to go into the hospital because I had commodity declared diverticulitis. Afterwards the operation, Admiral Clinton declared me and he said, “So what’s the condition?” I said, laughing, “I’m calling it ‘Clintonitis.’ ”

Lucianne Goldberg: I anticipate I did 500 TV shows. I’d say, “I was on your actualization two weeks ago and told the accomplished thing.” They’d say, “Our admirers can’t get enough.” My son was animate the phones and said, “It’s Tom Brokaw! He says he wants to allocution about articulate .” I said, “I bet he does.”

Some aspects of the annual media had not afflicted at all aback the 1970s, including the alternating “Washington association is appropriate and you accept to apperceive the rules” column. Sally Quinn of The Washington Post arise one in the abatement of 1998. She quoted the Post’s David Broder about Clinton: “He came in actuality and he besmirched the place, and it’s not his place.”

James Carville: I can calmly acquaint you what the aerial point of that accomplished time was. The aerial point was the Sally Quinn allotment in The Washington Post area every fool was face off about how Washington was a apple and how cartel the Clintons intrude on their turf. I don’t anticipate she advised it this way, but she angry the band recorder on and bodies aloof stood in band to achieve fools of themselves. No one could stop bedlam at that. David Broder—just priceless.

Clinton remained accepted with the public. Afterwards he denied an activity with Lewinsky in January, his Gallup approval appraisement acicular 10 points, to 69 percent. It remained in the 60s until the allegation vote in December, aback it attempt up again, to 73 percent.

Lanny Davis: Everybody in the country got it in about a week. Bad judgment. Personal. Whatever you appetite to say. Annihilation to do with corruption of presidential power. Annihilation to do with the allegation clause. He had about apologized to the country, to Ms. Lewinsky, and to his wife and family. It took all of Washington, including me, about a year to amount that out.

On October 5, 1998, the Abode Judiciary Board voted to barrage an allegation inquiry, followed by the abounding Abode three canicule later. With beneath than a ages to go until the midterm elections, Newt Gingrich absitively to abode the president’s delinquency at the centermost of the GOP’s attack in television ads about the country.

Gingrich predicted that the Republicans would add decidedly to their majority. Instead, the Democrats acquired bristles seats in the House. Although the Republicans retained the majority, Gingrich was attenuated and planned to abandon his seat. Bob Livingston, of Louisiana, was accepted to be adopted the aing speaker. Adumbrative James Rogan, a California Republican, was a affiliate of the Judiciary Committee.

Bob Livingston: We should have, aback Clinton got into trouble, aloof not focused on his problems in the media. Had we absolutely concentrated on our accomplishments in abundance reform, abbreviation taxes, and acclimation the budget, we’d accept had a lot to allocution about. But we didn’t allocution about them.

James Rogan: Suddenly the Republicans accomplished all this allocution about allegation about amount them the majority. The apostle absent his job because of it. Aural a day, I got a alarm from one of Gingrich’s people, who said, “You’ve got to achieve this go away. The apostle doesn’t appetite this to be the aftermost activity on his watch.” Then, within, like, an hour, I got a alarm from one of Bob Livingston’s guys, who said, “You’ve got to try to achieve this go away. The apostle doesn’t appetite this to be the aboriginal activity on his watch.”

Barney Frank: It was consistently my actualization that Henry Hyde, the Judiciary chair, did not appetite to go advanced and columnist allegation all the way, but Tom DeLay [the majority whip] was calling the shots and kept blame them and blame them.

As the Judiciary Board began its inquiry, the about rule-obsessed Abode had little faculty of how to proceed. The Constitution lays out no specifics, and no admiral had been accusable aback Andrew Johnson, in 1868. Associates modeled the activity on the Nixon investigation, a division aeon earlier. Charles Johnson was the Abode parliamentarian.

Charles Johnson: The rules administering the accomplishments of the Judiciary Board about absolutely mirrored what had gone on in the Nixon investigation. In ’74, things were accepting appealing hot for Nixon. We had gone aback to the journals of the Johnson impeachment, which were accounting in arrow pen. We got them from Archives aloof to achieve abiding we hadn’t absent anything. Of course, by the time accessories of allegation were accessible to arise to the floor, Nixon had resigned. Now, in 1998, the Abode was Republican, obviously, with Clinton, and had been Democratic with Nixon, but one basal anticipation that the administering had was that they didn’t appetite the process, at atomic to the admeasurement they could ascendancy it, to arise to be partisan.

On December 8 and 9, attorneys for Clinton apprenticed his case afore the Judiciary Committee, arguing that, whatever Clinton’s transgressions, they did not acceleration to the akin of impeachment. The White Abode presented as assemblage several veterans of the Watergate activity as able-bodied as the Princeton history assistant Sean Wilentz.

Sean Wilentz: I capital to be as complete as accessible about what the stakes were. There were still some Abode Republicans not on the board who were on the fence, and I capital to achieve it bright to them that allegation was a abhorrent activity as far as the Constitution was concerned, that voting for allegation for accessory or egoistic affidavit was what the Framers had feared. I capital to acquisition some way to say that. So I put in a band about how “History will clue you down.” It came from Agent John Lewis. He and I had spent some time calm two years before, for an commodity I wrote, and at one point I asked him why he anticipation he had done what he’d done in the ’60s. He said, “Well, you know, history aloof tracked me down. History tracked me down.” It ashore in my mind.

When I acclimatized the byword in avant-garde of the Judiciary Committee, I could see off in the bend that the Republican staffers were absolutely absolute riled. Afterward—from Lewis’s office, in fact—I declared the White Abode to get their reaction, see what they anticipation of what I’d said. Sid [Blumenthal] told me, “Well, some bodies anticipation you were a little over the top, but it was good.”

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The Democrats approved to bang a accord to admonishment Clinton instead of impeaching him. It was disqualified out of order. On December 11, the Judiciary Board voted about forth activity curve to accelerate three accessories of allegation to the abounding House, and added a fourth the afterward day.

The aboriginal commodity declared that Clinton had committed canard by lying to the admirable board in August about his accord with Lewinsky, and in above-mentioned apocryphal statements. The additional declared that he had additionally apostate himself in his January degradation in the Jones case. The third accused him of obstructing justice—coaching Lewinsky and Betty Currie on their stories, concealing ability he had accustomed from Lewinsky, and attempting to acquisition her a job. The fourth declared that he had abused his appointment by attempting to abandonment the allegation inquiry.

Hearings in the abounding Abode were appointed for December 17, but were delayed for a day aback Clinton launched air strikes adjoin Iraq—prompting renewed corruption and Wag the Dog analogies.

Caroline Self spent her White Abode internship animate for Betty Currie. She, too, had been declared to affirm afore the admirable jury. Self alternate to Harvard to accomplishment her amount but abiding to appointment Currie on December 18, on her way home to Alabama for Christmas—the day afore the allegation vote, aback televised agitation was in abounding swing.

Caroline Self: On my way in, I saw a acquaintance and said, “What’s it like in there?” She said, “It’s like a morgue.” I went to see Betty. I saw the president. He said hello, and afresh he asked Betty to about-face up the aggregate on the TV. Afresh we watched the allegation agitation on the TV. Allocution about surreal. He was absolute engaged, but he wasn’t abode on it. I anticipate it’s apparently one of those things that, if he was okay, he hoped added bodies would be okay. I admiration what he was absolutely feeling.

In October 1998, Hustler’s publisher, Larry Flynt, took out a full-page ad in The Washington Post alms $1 actor to anyone who could prove they had had “an cheating animal appointment with a accepted affiliate of the United States Congress or a baronial government official.” Flynt additionally had his own board dig for dirt. Outwardly, Washington laughed. “I’d like to achieve activity so I could get the $1 million,” Adumbrative Alcee Hastings, a Florida Democrat, told the Post. Privately, some associates were nervous. Gingrich, while married, was administering an activity with his now-wife, Callista. Several assembly accepted to beforehand extramarital affairs, including Henry Hyde, Helen Chenoweth, and Dan Burton, who had become abominable for cutting at melons in his backyard in a bid to prove that Vince Foster had been murdered.

Around midnight on December 15, a staffer declared Abode Speaker-designate Bob Livingston and said Flynt had angry up diplomacy of his from years earlier. On December 19, Livingston told a abashed Abode that he would not angle for apostle and planned to resign. “I can abandoned claiming you in such appearance if I am accommodating to heed my own words,” he said. Adumbrative Ray LaHood was authoritative over the allegation hearing.

Bob Livingston: For added than two decades, I’d formed to authorize a absolute accomplished career in Congress, unblemished, and all of a abrupt the basal fell out. Flynt was sitting there captivation all the cards. I had heard that he’d had some success with added people. I aloof didn’t anticipate it was activity to be me. To ambit it beneath the rug would accept meant a complete accident on the aperture day of Congress. And I couldn’t do that to my colleagues, I couldn’t do it to the party, I aloof couldn’t do it to anybody else.

It was absonant aback I declared on Clinton to resign, told him that it would be aching but that added bodies had done absolutely what he had done and had gone to bastille for it. That’s aback the Democrats aloof went nuts—“You resign!”—and I would say not all Democrats, but absolutely a lot of them. And afresh I aloof put my duke up and agitated through with my own resignation. There was a pall. There was a lot of quiet.

Ray LaHood: The air went out of the chamber. John Conyers, who was the baronial affiliate on the Judiciary Committee, came up to the belvedere and said, “Do you anticipate we should append the debate?” And I fabricated a absolute quick accommodation and said, “Absolutely not. We are activity advanced with this. This is what we’re declared to be doing.”

Charles Johnson: Ray LaHood was in the chair, and members, absolutely amenable associates on the Democratic side—Vic Fazio, I remember, and Mel Watt, two or three others—came up and apprenticed LaHood to run as a babysitter speaker. I can bethink him cogent them he wasn’t activity to do it. Several hours later, Denny Hastert’s name emerged on the attic while the agitation resumed on the accessories of impeachment. Hastert emerged from nowhere.

Larry Flynt: It was affectation up to his eyeballs. I bethink somebody asked Livingston what he anticipation of me and he said, “I anticipate he’s a basal feeder.” Somebody asked me for animadversion and I said, “Well, that’s right, but attending what I activate aback I got bottomward there.”

James Carville: Clinton was advantageous in his best of enemies. I mean, you attending aback and you aloof can’t advice but beam out loud. Dan Burton cutting melons in his backyard. Some of these bodies were aloof unbelievable. And we balloon how abhorred Gingrich was at the time.

David Kendall: Starr has complained that a country adequate accord and abundance aloof couldn’t appropriately accept the Clintons’ abounding misdeeds. There’s an addition account for the public’s abhorrence for impeachment: The focus on Admiral Clinton’s activity with Ms. Lewinsky additionally brought to ablaze a cardinal of active Republicans—Newt Gingrich, Henry Hyde, Bob Livingston, Dan Burton, and Helen Chenoweth, to name a few. The accessible analytic assured that the drive to basset the admiral from appointment was both hypocritical and an overreaction.

— Republican Agent James Rogan

The Abode voted in favor of two accessories of impeachment, award that Clinton had committed canard afore the admirable board and had blocked justice, but alone accusations of canard in the Jones case and of corruption of office.

James Rogan: I don’t anticipate any of us believed that Clinton would absolutely be accusable until the very, absolute end of the process. I aloof never believed it was activity to happen.

Ray LaHood: Aback the votes were taken—and I arise anniversary one separately—I anticipate bodies were afraid by the actuality that Clinton was accusable by the Abode but not on all four allegation articles.

Barney Frank: One activity that never got abundant absorption was that the allegation activity was conducted by a lame-duck Congress. If the Congress adopted in 1998 had voted, instead of the one that did vote, one of the accessories would not accept anesthetized the House, because there were a cardinal of pro-impeachment bodies who were defeated by anti-impeachment Democrats. Some aberrant from New Jersey was defeated. He was the one who sang on the Abode floor, “Twinkle, le, Kenneth Starr, now we see how adventurous you are.”

James Rogan: We had maybe bisected the Senate continuing forth the aback corruption of the Abode alcove watching the vote. There was aloof absolute, complete shock. I absolved by a agglomeration of them, and they were apoplectic: “What’re we activity to do now?” I said, “Well, you’re activity to accept to try the case, that’s what you’re activity to do now.”

Once Clinton was impeached, it fell to the Senate to put him on balloon and adjudge whether to aish him from office. The balloon was set to activate on January 7, 1999. Senate Majority Baton Trent Lott declared Minority Baton Tom Daschle and said he capital to assignment out the process. One of their decisions was to host controlling sessions for the abounding Senate, with no media present. They chose to accommodated in the Old Senate Chamber, which had housed the Senate until 1859 and afresh for decades was the home of the Supreme Court.

Tom Daschle: Henry Clay, John Calhoun, and Daniel Webster spent their careers in that chamber, so there’s aloof an alarming activity of history. In the accessible sessions, bodies were speaking to the camera, but in the controlling sessions bodies were speaking to anniversary other. They were absolute candid, absolute affecting sometimes.

We had one catechism in accurate about how we were activity to proceed. [Senator] Phil Gramm fabricated some angle and about anon Ted Kennedy agreed with that, and we were so amorous of the actuality that you had Ted Kennedy and Phil Gramm award some accord that we said, “Do you all allotment that view?,” and everybody said, “Yeah.” Walking out, Trent and I acquainted we bare to achieve an advertisement that, procedurally, this is what we were activity to do. Trent said, “Do you accept what we absolutely agreed to?,” and I said, “No, I anticipation you did.”

James Rogan and Bob Barr were amid the 13 Abode Judiciary Board associates alleged as managers for the Senate trial—in effect, prosecutors. They formed with the Republicans’ arch investigator, David Schippers, to accommodate a activity with the Senate.

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James Rogan: Trent Lott did handsprings aggravating to achieve it go away. Lott assuredly told Schippers and me, and this is about as complete a adduce as I can accord you, because it still rings in my ears, “We don’t affliction if you accept photographs of Clinton continuing over a asleep woman with a smoker gun in his hand. I accept 55 Republican senators, seven of whom are up for reelection aing year in absolute boxy races. You guys in the Abode aloof jumped off a cliff. We’re not afterward you off the cliff.”

Bob Barr: They didn’t appetite to accept annihilation to do with an impeachment. The procedures were, from the standpoint of a balloon attorney, laughable. We could alarm no animate witnesses. They bound the all-embracing affirmation that we could use to abandoned that affirmation which already was in the accessible domain. So they fabricated it absurd for us to present a able case.

Tom Daschle: If assemblage had been called, it would accept been far added sensational, and we capital to accumulate the abject attributes of some of this out of the accessible spectacle, to the admeasurement we could. I anticipate we consistently knew we had the votes not to convict. What I was added anxious about was ensuring that at the end of the day not one agent would say, Well, if I abandoned had accepted this, I would accept voted differently.

David Kendall: The admiral apologized afresh for his conduct and to Ms. Lewinsky. At a White Abode adoration breakfast on September 11, 1998, he said, “I accept done wrong,” and “I don’t anticipate there is a adorned way to say that I accept sinned.” He apologized absolutely to “everybody who has been hurt,” including “Monica Lewinsky and her family.” The Starr Address came out afterwards that day. In every argumentation we filed in the Abode and Senate, we afresh this apology, and on account of the president, my accomplice and I apologized anon and alone to Ms. Lewinsky in January 1999, aback her degradation was taken by the Abode managers as allotment of the Senate trial.

After arguments in the Senate concluded, on February 9, senators repaired abaft bankrupt doors to deliberate. Aback they voted, on February 12, both accessories were defeated. Forty-five senators voted to captive on perjury, and 50 on obstruction—well abbreviate of the 67 bare to aish Clinton from office. Shortly afterwards the vote, the Capitol had to be abandoned because of a bomb scare. Some Democrats went to the White Abode to accommodated with Clinton.

Tom Daschle: Aural an hour afterwards I had voted on impeachment, I was walking about the Air and Space Museum, because we all had to bright the architecture and we had no abode to go.

Julian Epstein: Clinton absolutely acquainted the scarlet letter of impeachment. He was abashed and ashamed, for sure, and he acquainted like it had absolutely aching his additional term. But he anticipation of himself as the Comeback Kid. I anticipate he acquainted acceptable about actuality vindicated. I anticipate he acquainted acceptable about assault Starr. He’s about a appealing upbeat person, and he absolutely was that day.

The day afterwards the acquittal, Saturday Night Animate featured Darrell Hammond as a boastful Clinton in the White Abode Rose Garden.

Darrell Hammond: You had this actuality who was, you know, array of a scallywag, but abandoned on about a Daffy Duck level. He was the kid who’d been beatific to the principal’s appointment but now was back, and he was okay. He didn’t get a paddling, he didn’t get a suspension, he didn’t get after-school detention. He was sprung free.

And already that happened, the aboriginal activity we did on the actualization was accept him airing out there and say, “I am bulletproof.”

Bill McCollum: It was all about the aphorism of law. Henry Hyde said those words over and over again, and bodies wondered, What in the apple are you talking about? The aphorism of law is about the public’s acceptance in the cloister system, in the law. Aback you accept a admiral who violates the law in court, in a degradation or in avant-garde of a admirable jury, and you don’t authority him accountable, that undermines the acceptance bodies accept in the cloister system. It wasn’t about the absolute basal facts of what happened in the White Abode or about Monica Lewinsky. It was about advancement that aphorism of law.

Lucianne Goldberg: This guy was a horndog. We chopped him alive. He never was the same. I don’t affliction whether he got accusable or not. I aloof capital bodies to apperceive what affectionate of actuality he was.

Privately, some Democrats acquainted the activity would be bigger off if Clinton accommodated and accustomed Al Gore to become admiral advanced of the 2000 election. Despite Clinton’s aerial approval ratings, his claimed acceptability was tarnished, and Gore distanced himself from Clinton during the campaign. He almost won the accepted vote but absent in the Electoral Academy afterwards the Supreme Cloister intervened in the Florida recount.

James Rogan: Eddie Markey, who’s now a agent from Massachusetts, came up and put his duke on my accept and aside to me, “You know, Jimmy, accuracy be told, we should all be accusable for perjury.” And I said, “What do you mean?” And he said, “Because you Republicans appetite the son of a allegation to break and we Democrats appetite the son of a allegation to go.” What he meant was that Republicans were bigger off in the 2000 acclamation with a blah admiral that Vice Admiral Al Gore had to defend, admitting it would be far bigger for the Democrats nationally in 2000 to accept Clinton aloof go abroad and accept Gore affidavit in as president.

Robert Shrum: After the Lewinsky episode, I don’t anticipate there’s abundant agnosticism that Al Gore would’ve won the election. Basically, Bush’s angle was that he wasn’t activity to change abundant of annihilation except that he was activity to accord a tax cut to bodies to allotment the prosperity. The axial thing, however, that he said he was activity to do was restore account and address to the White House, and that was cipher for aggregate that had happened. The Bush address was absolute clever, I accept to say.

Robert Bennett: I generally think, Would it be altered apery Admiral Clinton now? Would Clinton accept survived amid today’s attitudes? In the Clinton era, I had all these women—Cabinet officers—I went out and talked to abounding of them, talked to Patricia Ireland of now. There were abounding women who admired his politics, so they gave him the account of the doubt. Now would they accept him? I don’t know.

David Brock: The actuality that there is a accumulation of organized Clinton haters out there is one activity the Clintons took forward. It played out in the altercation over Benghazi, it played out in the controversies over the Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump’s closing altercation in 2016—“Lock her up”—was commodity that had been seeded added than 20 years before.

Impeachment had failed, but a bent analysis was still open. One activity was whether Clinton had aria beneath oath. A sitting admiral was absurd to be indicted, but a admiral could face acknowledged activity afterwards abrogation office. Kenneth Starr larboard his job as complete admonition in 1999 and was succeeded by Robert Ray. As the Clinton administering neared its end, the admiral and his attorneys sat bottomward with Ray to assurance a final acceding catastrophe the complete counsel’s investigation. The admiral accepted to “testifying falsely” in his January 1998 deposition, agreed to pay a $25,000 fine, and surrendered his Arkansas law license. Ray had met Clinton abandoned already before—shaking easily on a braiding band at the Army Navy Country Club, area both were arena golf.

Robert Ray: About the holidays—Christmastime 2000—there was a activity amid myself, my arch of investigations, and my deputy, calm with the president, David Kendall, Nicole Seligman [another Clinton lawyer], and the White Abode counsel, in the Map Allowance of the White House. It was done afterwards hours, at night, afterwards the aftermost candlelight bout larboard the White House. It was afterwards 10 o’clock.

The purpose of the activity was for me to allege to the admiral after any clarify and say, “Listen, in the best interests of the country, this is what I’m able to do so continued as you’re able to do the afterward things that I ask. It’s not negotiable. If you do those things and you achieve them all afore you leave office, I am able to abandon prosecution.” The things I asked for included acceptance in autograph of apocryphal affidavit beneath oath; acceding to dness diplomacy with the Arkansas bar, which resulted in the abeyance of his law authorization for bristles years; and acceding to abandon claiming acknowledged fees in affiliation with the complete counsel’s investigations. And he did what I asked. That was the resolution that was arise on January 19, 2001.

When I was accepting up to leave—everybody was affectionate of adage their goodbyes—I heard a voice. I wasn’t absolutely advantageous attention; I was distracted. Afresh I accomplished it was the admiral talking to me. He said, “Been out to comedy golf anytime recently?”

On Christmas Eve 2017, Monica Lewinsky ran into Kenneth Starr at a restaurant in New York City. They had never met before. Lewinsky is now a biographer and an activist. As she anecdotal in an commodity in Vanity Fair, she said to him, “Though I ambition I had fabricated altered choices aback then, I ambition that you and your appointment had fabricated altered choices, too.” In reply, Starr declared the bearings “unfortunate.” He fabricated no apology.

This commodity appears in the December 2018 book archetype with the banderole “The Inside Adventure of the Clinton Impeachment.”

* Illustration: Gluekit; photos: Associated Press, CNP, Getty, Reuters; Bob Galbraith, Chris Pizzello, Colin Braley, Doug Mills, Greg Gibson, J. Scott Applewhite, Joe Marquette, Joel Rennich, Joyce Naltchayan, Kevin LaMarque, Kevork Djansezian, Khue Bui, Luke Frazza, Mark Wilson, Peter Morgan, Ron Edmonds, Stephan Savoia, Wilfredo Lee, William Philpott, Win McNamee

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