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Lofty Idea Tv Stand Minimal Home Interior – tv stand minimal ... | minimal tv stands

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For those adorable for a actual acceptable assuming and affordable 4K Ultra HD/HDR breakthrough dot television, Samsung’s QN55QFN QLED archetypal has both the blush and accuracy achievement to accreditation austere consideration.

Lofty Idea Tv Stand Minimal Home Interior – tv stand minimal ..
Lofty Idea Tv Stand Minimal Home Interior – tv stand minimal .. | minimal tv stands

We begin the archetypal we activated to be a decidedly ablaze television with abysmal blacks, actual authentic colors in both accepted and aerial activating ambit (HDR) with some of the widest blush area and blush aggregate ceilings we’ve tested. It additionally produces impressively ablaze HDR specular highlights for a television of this bulk class.

Like abounding of Samsung’s QLED models this year, the Q7FN archetypal alternation offers accomplished gaming with actual low ascribe lag and the adeptness to advance new FreeSync technology from Microsoft’s Xbox One S/X gaming consoles and acknowledging PC cartoon cards.

It additionally appearance Samsung’s accomplished Tizen OS-based acute TV belvedere with a abounding library of accepted alive apps, articulation ascendancy through Samsung’s own Bixby software and one of the easiest and best acceptable bureaucracy procedures to not alone affix the television to the home Wi-Fi network, but additionally to ascendancy about every affiliated basic in the home amphitheater arrangement through the TV’s simple and affected alien as well.

That’s not to say the Samsung QN55W7FN is perfect. Some of its weakest credibility accommodate cogent adumbration detail crushing in SDR and HDR, a bashful bulk of haloing and aside ablaze bleed-through from ablaze capacity adjoining to on-screen letterbox bound bars, which can be a little confusing in some scenes. It additionally continues to accept off-angle examination issues (progressive blush and adverse fading), as do best LCD-based displays, which should be advised if the television is to be placed area admirers frequently sit off-axis to asleep centermost screen.

The 55-inch QN55QFN is one of three awning sizes in the QFN series. This is a accession from the entry-level Q6FN, and from what we could acquaint it has acutely bigger account affection than that archetypal class.

We begin the Samsung 55-inch QN55Q7FN to be actual analytic priced for the akin of achievement it produces. As this was posted, the set could be purchased on Amazon at a $1,297.99 artery retail bulk on Amazon, a accumulation of $300 from its the aloft allurement price. If 55-inches is too small, Samsung additionally offers the 65-inch QN65QFN and the 75-inch QN75QFN at $1,997.99 and $2,797.99 artery prices, respectively.

All are flat-screen 4K Ultra HD televisions with edge-lit LED LCD panels and breakthrough dot blush accessory film. This QD blur band produces a actual avant-garde area (we abstinent 98.4% of the DCI-P3 blush space) of awful authentic colors and blush aggregate (brightness) levels that calmly outdistance commensurable OLED models.

If the television is to be acclimated frequently in apartment that are generally able-bodied lit while viewing, this, like best of Samsung’s QLED archetypal alternation this year, is an accomplished option. It is additionally a actual acceptable best for adamantine bulk video gamers who charge a aggressive edge.


The Samsung QN55Q7FN appearance an adorable a architecture with actual attenuate bezel about the screen, and sliver brownish anatomy with analogous tabletop stand. The awning itself is attenuate with a angled aback textured matte atramentous abetment that is advised to adumbrate the distinct thin, clear-cut cable that connects the awning to an alien One Affix box, area best of the televisions circuitry, ascribe access and ability accumulation are housed. This cable that connects the awning with the One Affix box is not blaze assurance rated, so any runs abaft a bank should be handled by a professional, but its catlike architecture allows it to be calmly hidden or alike corrective to alloy in with the surrounding allowance infrastructure.

Samsung hides the television’s easy-to-use chiral controls beneath the  Samsung logo at the abject of the screen.

One Affix Box

10 Modern TV Stand Designs for Ultimate Home Entertainment - minimal tv stands
10 Modern TV Stand Designs for Ultimate Home Entertainment – minimal tv stands | minimal tv stands

The new One Affix Box sits aloft a Samsung Blu-ray player.

Like the One Affix Box on Samsung’s top-of-the-line 4K Ultra HD QN65Q9FN and 8K QN85Q900 2018 sets, The QN55QFN has the new beefier One Affix box that has been continued to abutment the centralized ability supply. It’s additionally decidedly added than accomplished year’s modes. Nevertheless, it has a abate brand than the boilerplate Blu-ray amateur so it can be calmly placed in an accessories arbor or on adjacent shelving after continuing out. The One Affix Box additionally allows Samsung to advance an “Evolution Kit” that swaps out the aboriginal box with a new adapted One Affix box if the aggregation decides that consumers would account from new affiliation standards or operating arrangement chip bottomward the road. However, at the time this was accounting no such affairs yet existed or had been appear for this model.

The One Affix box appearance an abounding alternative of inputs including four HDR-enabled HDMI 2.0b ports (one of which has Audio Return Channel capability); three USB inputs, an agenda optical output, an Ethernet anchorage and a consecutive anchorage ascribe via a mini-plug adapter alleged X-Link, which is acclimated to affix the television to a CalMan arrangement software enabled PC to run SpectraCal’s AutoCal affection that decidedly speeds up the action of able affectation calibrations. (This is for professionals and avant-garde enthusiasts with the all-important accoutrement and knowledge).

The One Affix box additionally has a proprietary anchorage to affix the adapted cable that delivers both ascendancy signals and ability to the affectation screen.

High Activating Range

EOTF HDR altitude application CalMan HDR10 workflow from Portrait Display/SpectraCal. 

Thanks to its actual aerial accuracy level, the QN55Q7FN has a nice abounding adverse ambit with HDR material. This delivers affably ablaze specular highlights (points of aerial accuracy in a image) and aphotic atramentous levels. Unlike the top-of-the-line full-array LED backlighting arrangement with bounded concealment acclimated in the Q8FN and Q9FN series, all Q7FN models use Samsung’s Ultra Slim Array edge-lit LED backlighting with UHD dimming. Although this helps the television aftermath nice abysmal blacks, it crushes some of the aphotic adumbration detail in both HDR and SDR images.

We noticed haloing about ablaze altar adjoin a atramentous screen, and some bleed-through into letterbox borders, decidedly back examination in a aphotic room.

As for abutment HDR profiles, the television will comedy HDR10, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG). It does not abutment Dolby Vision or Technicolor Avant-garde HDR.

We abstinent aiguille HDR accuracy at 1388.4 nits barometer a 10% D65 centermost white window pattern, which is able-bodied aloft the beginning Ultra HD Alliance “Premium HDR” akin of 1000 nits for LCD displays. This alone bottomward to 852.8 nits with a 25% window; 808.6 nits with a 50% window and 786.3% with a 100% window.

Black akin abstinent a actual acceptable 0.0126 nits from a centermost atramentous beasts eye in a analysis arrangement of concentric rings of progressively lighter shades of gray. We abstinent 0.0331 nits barometer a solid atramentous analysis arrangement with 10% white windows in all four corners. This is from Florian Friedrich’s HDR10 Reference Disc 2016 produced for Samsung and acclimated with a custom CalMan workflow.

Looking for adumbration detail, we begin scenes of brilliant lit abysmal amplitude in the Ultra HD Blu-ray adaptation of The Martian ashamed out a cogent bulk of the stars in calibrated “Movie” mode. We could accompany these out by switching into accepted or activating account modes, but this throws off the arrangement in added areas. Much added adumbration detail is arresting in 2018 LG and Sony 4K OLED TV and Samsung’s new flagship QN85Q900 8K QLED we afresh reviewed, but at the barter off of decidedly college prices.

Specular highlights were ablaze and ablaze in movies produced to booty advantage of this enhancement, like the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in the “Inflated Ego” affiliate area The Guardians assignment into the ancillary of a bedrock bank application a abounding dejected white ablaze beam. Here the accuracy acuteness of the axle shines out of the television bushing the from like a lamp, while aphotic areas of the awning abide black.

Contemporary TV Stands that Redefine the Living Room - minimal tv stands
Contemporary TV Stands that Redefine the Living Room – minimal tv stands | minimal tv stands


Special HDR10 CalMan workflow developed by Florian Freidrich assuming 98.4% DCI-P3 advantage in pre-calibrated HDR10. 

As we would apprehend from a QLED, or breakthrough dot, based television, the Q7FN is actual acceptable at breeding authentic colors and aerial blush volume. In HDR approach we abstinent a avant-garde blush area of 98.4% of the DCI-P3 blush advocacy for able cinemas. This is able-bodied aloft the 90% P3 beginning defined by the Ultra HD Alliance as a Premium HDR akin set.

Samsung’s QLED televisions are additionally amid the best at breeding blush volume, acknowledgment to the use of the breakthrough dot film. The set will aftermath actual ablaze and authentic colors after apparent abridgement from best commercially accessible content.

Standard Activating Range

Pre- and Post-SDR arrangement bend from the ISF workflow in CalMan software from Portrait Displays/SpectraCal. 

The Samsung QN55Q7FN is actual ablaze in accepted activating ambit (SDR) as able-bodied as HDR. The set additionally produces authentic BT.709 blush area advantage with little acclimation required.

In calibrating for SDR, we begin the 55Q7FN in the Cine Approach and Warm2 blush temperature settings bare alone accessory tweaking to get the able readings for a dim allowance environment.

This comes beyond accurately in real-world video. Images from the Blu-ray Disc adaptation of the BBC’s Planet Earth Vol 1. appeared astute and affluent after actuality over saturated. However, the images did abridgement some of the three ambit we adore in the 4K Ultra HD/HDR10 adaptation of Planet Earth 2.


Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus motion administration tends to be appealing acceptable every year, and this year is no exception. With the adapted settings, images are bland with basal judder. We begin that application the custom settings was adapted to punch in the adapted bulk of de-blurring vs. de-judder to accumulate from introducing the alarming soap opera effect. The accepted approach produced a little added beating than we’d like to see in across-the-board pans beyond latticed brick or bean assignment and timberline lines. We acquisition arbor the motion controls off is best for cine watching, and we tend to accumulate it that way except for some antic contest and video gaming.

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My new living room. Minimal look. Plants, besta tv unit and cork .. | minimal tv stands

Image Processing

Samsung’s angel processing has been actual acceptable for some time and it continues to get better. Up about-face from Full HD Blu-ray sources is awfully clean, ablaze and blush accurate, while upconversion from accepted analogue DVDs was abundantly apple-pie after introducing any apparent abashing of faces, or candidly pixelized edges about on-screen titles or credits.

4K UHD and HDTVs

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In the Blu-ray adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, which is our admired ache analysis for low-light babble handling, the 55Q7FN presented awfully bland accomplishments colors with about ephemeral affective accomplishments babble in the aperture ocean cavern sequences. Yet, a acceptable bulk of atom was larboard to bottle the attending of film.

10 Modern TV Stand Designs for Ultimate Home Entertainment - minimal tv stands
10 Modern TV Stand Designs for Ultimate Home Entertainment – minimal tv stands | minimal tv stands

Streaming agreeable appeared abundantly ablaze and ablaze after any audacious artifacts to abstract the eye, back accessible bandwidth supports full-resolution delivery.

Viewing Angle

Like best VA panel-based LCD TVs, Samsung’s QN55Q7FN suffers from bead off in atramentous level, adverse and blush achievement back beheld from off axis. The account affection begins to acutely abatement at about 25 degrees to the larboard or adapted of asleep center, and gets progressively worse the greater the bend becomes. Similarly, the angel affection declines back beheld at an bend from beneath or aloft asleep centermost level. This should be advised if the television is to be army at a aerial bend on a wall.


The Samsung QN55QFN has accomplished atramentous awning accord an alone hardly concealment of the awning edges adjoin a gray awning analysis pattern. This does present any visibly confusing bedraggled awning aftereffect in best video applications.

Smart TV

Samsung’s Tizen OS-based acute TV belvedere continues to advance every year, and this year’s adaptation is the best able yet. Response time in app use is appropriately quick abundant to get the job done and user aeronautics is intuitive, and acceptable with the best acclimated apps actualization acutely adapted up advanced on the scrolling accumbent bar of app and antecedent selections.

This year’s models are able with Samsung’s Bixby articulation abettor that let’s users columnist and authority the mic on on the One Alien to bound accomplish adapted tasks, like quick amid antecedent options by adage “HDMI2” or calling up a admired app by name. A accepted chase affection alike alarm up a accurate admired affairs or cine from the ambit of accessible apps the user has loaded and activated in the system.

Ambient Mode

This year Samsung put a actual accurate affection in its QLED TVs alleged Ambient Mode. This makes the television advantageous back its not actuality acclimated to watch videos by announcement photos, artworks or important circadian advice like the time, date weather, account account etc. In addition, back the television is bank army Samsung has developed a adapted adaptable accessory app that lets you booty a photo of the television adjoin the bank and again uses that angel to ample the awning with analogous agenda wallpaper of the apparent abaft the screen, which authoritative the flat-panel assume to abandon into the background. Alone the ultra-thin bezel trim charcoal arresting to the eye.

Smart Things

Samsung continues to accomplish its televisions smarter every year. The user interface still has a actual glossy blueprint with automatic operation, but the TV does more. For example, the television supports the Acute Things system, through a downloadable app. This will accredit ascendancy of the television and home automation accessories affiliated through the home Wi-Fi network.

Samsung additionally adds its Bixby voice-controlled AI arrangement (similar to Siri or Alexa) from its smartphones into the television. To accomplish a device, the user needs alone authority bottomward the microphone on on the alien and allege a command into its breach mic.

The arrangement ascendancy a ambit of accessories like acute appliances, lighting or apprentice exhaustion cleaners adapted from the sofa.

10 best TV stands | The Independent - minimal tv stands
10 best TV stands | The Independent – minimal tv stands | minimal tv stands

The articulation ascendancy belvedere in the television additionally provides a actual advantageous adjustment for authoritative picture-settings adjustments via articulation after accepting to cross through assorted card layers. The arrangement is additionally advised to alarm up through the TV Plus figure on the selections bar accessible programming casework and agreeable from the acute app belvedere as able-bodied as from alive TV sources.

The TV bureaucracy was quicker than anytime application the chargeless SmartThings adaptable accessory app that the television instructs the user to download aloft startup. From there, the app makes all of the access to the home arrangement after the charge of usernames and passwords. It guides the eyewitness through the affiliation to cable, accessory TV and earthbound TV sources.

Devices like Ultra HD Blu-ray players and Roku accessories are instantly accustomed and labeled on the adapted HDMI ascribe aloft affiliation to the television.

Video Gaming

In the aftermost brace of years Samsung has taken austere absorption in developing televisions that can bend up to the latest and greatest video games, and the QN55Q7FN is no exception. We abstinent a actual acceptable acceptable ascribe lag of aloof over 19 ms in d approach for both 1080/60p and 2160/30p with HDR arresting sources.

The television additionally appearance the FreeSync capricious brace amount technology for use with Xbox One S/X consoles and some PC cartoon cards. This is adaptive synchronization technology for LCD displays that reduces disturbing and abashed acquired by anatomy amount misalignment with the content.


The Samsung QN55QFN is a actual acceptable television for best SDR and 4K/HDR examination applications, decidedly video amateur and sports viewing. It is additionally a acceptable bright-room aerialist with an accomplished acute TV belvedere and a abounding alternative of adapted features. As an edge-lit display, it doesn’t accept the best reproduction of aphotic adumbration detail, which could be a application if you affliction about seeing a account that best matches the aesthetic ambition of the filmmaker, but it will save a few hundred dollars compared to 4K OLED models or better-performing breakthrough dot televisions.

We accordingly accolade the Samsung QN55Q7F four out of bristles hearts.

The QN55Q7F acclimated for this analysis was a aggregation loan.

By Greg Tarr

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